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4.1.2012 No spring puppies

Essi is not pregnant, unfortunately. We'll try again during her next heat, same applies with Hamppu.

4.1.2012 Sisters Alma and Aava in character test

Orimattila, judges Bengt Söderholm, Tarja Matsuoi

Alman points: Total 142


Aava's points: Total 158

Great puli girls! Like we already knew Aava has a bit more temperament and speed, also volume in her bark. Alma is quiet when told so, at least after the second command while Aava is more hard headed. Aava keeps her teeth in a toy just like their great grandmother Jasmin did, but Alma is like her father and lets go immeadiately. Neitherof them had any problems with shooting or the dark room.

3.26.2012 Masi in hip operation

Masi was operated becaude his hip was slightly out of place. He damaged it while playing with a dog friend. Operation was succesful and his hip should be as good as before.

2.11.2012 Tallinna international show, judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti

n. Huopatassun Almada a.k.a Alma Open-excellent1, SERT, CACIB, BOB

2.6.2012 Essi at vet for the compulsory eye check for breeding, everything ok

Dogs having fun in the snow: download the clip here


12.3.- 4. Helsinki dog show

On Sunday the Engli9sh judge didin't approve Alma's maszkos fako -väriä, he said it is fawn. I disagree and without this view she would have olaced much better.

Our old lady Afro was also taking part and placed as the second best bitch.


12.4. Winner 2011, judge John Ritchie, UK


n.Narukerän Gaselli Gisella JUN excellent2

blacks and other colors

n.Huopatassun Almada open-very good

n. Narukerän Afro Afrodite VET-Excellent, SA, ROP-VET,BB2 

12.3. Helsinki Winner 2011, judge Marion ten Cate, Netherlands


n. Narukerän Gaselli Gisella JUN-ERI1, SA, SERT, HeJUNW-11

blacks and other colors

n. Huopatassun Almada Open-ERI, SA, BB4, Reserve-SERT



Puli in the next edition of BEST IN SHOW – KNIT YOUR OWN DOG

I mailed to Sally Muir to ask why they didn't include puli to their book of knitted dog breed. She was actually surprised about the mistake and promised that in the next edition puli will be there. If you like knitting try  it out!


07/28 Elli gave yeastarday birth to 5 white puppies

Elli had a ceaserian section for one boy and four girls. More about the issue in my new blog.



Our beloved Jasmin was put to eternal sleep yesterday. We miss her enormously.

Jasmin was a unique dog in every way; she was her whole wonderful puli life truly the best friend of her owner. As our first puli she is the ancestor of Narukerän kennel. Without her we wouldn't be breeding pulis. She has two wonderful litters from whom we have of course Afro in our family but also her offspring in third generaration, Alma.

Jasmin would have had her 14th birthday in about two months but her days were numbered a bit too soon. Last weekend we spent at our country house. It was a nice winter weather and Jasmin enjoyed it all like so many times before. On Sunday we walked a long walk on the ice the frozen lake and she was so happy walking with us all - we had Kicsi's daughter Vappu on a visit. Youngters Alma and Vappu had their games and of course Jasmin took it all at her own pace but still enjoying it. On Monday morning she still took her normal walk and ate her breakfast but during the day she became seemingly very sick and we took her to the vet. After examinations it was a tough conclusion: her kidneys had stopped functioning. There wasn't any other choice but put her to eternal sleep. This didn't come as a surprise because almost two years ago she was diagnosed having some tumors in her mammary glands. It was impossible to operate them because there was so many of them. Since then  each and everyday was in a way extra time and we are happy that we still had so many happy days with her. Finally it all happened so quickly and she didn't have to suffer. Although we had time to realize that the cancer is probably fatal and that she is leaving us soon the sorrow is so heavy. Farewell, dear friend and thank you for everyday you were with us.





1/11/2010 Health inspection

Narukerän Carlo Casanova: eyes healthy

Confettie’s Karo To Narukerä: eyes healthy

Narukerän Eloisa Elvira ”Csoki”: eyes healthy, hips A/B (preliminary)

1/9/2010 Kajaani Int, judge Päivi Eerola (7)

 m. Szilasligeti Maros Open/ Very good

f. Narukerän Diiva-Donna Youngs/excellent1, reserve-sert

News 2009

12/13/2009 Npordic Winner, judge Joszef Hodosi, Hungary

Whites (1+3)

m. Loncsosi-Bator Ördög ”Ossi” Champions/Excellent1, PU1, CACIB, BOB, PMV-09

Blacks ond others (24)

m. Loncosi-Bator Maszkos ”Masi” Champions/Excellent, PU2, VA-CACIB

f. Narukerän Afro Afrodite VET/Excellent1, BOB VET

Hungarian breeder Joszef Tári was watching and promised to send some photos.

12/12/2009 Winner show, judge Boris Spoljaric, Croatia

Whites (1+4)

m. Loncsosi-Bator Ördög ”Ossi” Champions/Excellent1, PU1, CACIB, BOS, V-09

f. Szep-Apati Illem ”Elli” Youngs/very good

Blacks and others (24)

m. Loncsosi-Bator Maszkos ”Masi” Champions/Excellent2, PU3, VA-CACIB

m. Narukerän Dynamiitti Dani Champions/Excellent4

f. Narukerän Ehtivä Esteri JUN-very good

f. Narukerän Afro Afrodite VET-Excellent1, BOB VET



Changes to puppy plans. Because Karo was in heat already in November, we decided to postpone her serving to spring. We also decided to change Kicsi's partner.

11/29/2009 Turku International, judge Tomasz Borkowski, Poland

Whites (2)

m. Loncsosi-Bator Ördög ”Ossi” AVO/ERI1, PU1, SERT, CACIB, BOB, FIN MVA!

f. Szep-Apati Illem ”Elli” JUN/ERI1, PN1, SERT, CACIB, BOS (picture below)

Blacks (5)

m. Narukerän Dynamiitti Dani VAL/ERI2, PU2, Reserve-CACIB (changes into CACIB)


11/20/2009 Enni's health inspection

Narukerän Ehtivä-Esteri ”Enni”, lhips A/A, kelbows 0/0

11/13/2009 We have a new puppy!

Straight from the North pole at Rovaniemi moved to our home ms. Huopatassun Almada. She is a beautiful maszkos fako girl. Her mother is our Jasmin's grand daughter Amy and father Masi whom we have imported from Hungary. Masi is also maszkos fako.


We'll do own page for our new family member as soon as possible. A couple of her brothers were still available. 

11/7-8/2009 2 x Tarto INT

White male: Loncsosi-Bator Ördög "Ossi", on both days SERT, CACIB and BOB

10/20/2009 white Elli, Szep-Apáti Illem in health inspection

Hips B/B, back, elbows and eyes healthy

10/2/2009 Kennel Wailer's (Helsinki) puppies born

2 girls and 2 boys. All black. Two girls still available.   

More infomration from Puppies page.

9/29/2009 Puli on the cover Koiramme mag

Terrun Figardner, jwhose father is Narukerän Carlo Casanova "Carlo", appereared on the cover of September issue of Koiramme, the mag of the Finnish Kennel Club. Fine picture with a beautiful puli!


Image: Pikkusaari

9/19/2009 Hyvinkää rn, judge Jean Lawles

m. Narukerän Erihyvä Erno JUN/T

m. Narukerän Dirty-Harry VAL/Excellent, PU-1, BOB

9/18/2009 Tampere rn, judge Jean Lawles


m. Loncsosi-Bator Ördög OPEN/very good-2


f. Narukerän Elegantti Elli JUN/very good-1

9/15/2009 Amy's and Masi's puppies born!

3 boys (1 black, 2 maszkos fako) and two girls (both maszkos fakos)

9/11/2009 Nelli and Mari aim to compete in agility

Mari wanted to be sure that Nelli's structure is ok for that hobby - and it is: Narukerän Elegantti Elli has a healthy back, hips B/B, elbows 1/1, knees 0/0

9/6/2009 Vantaa, judge Elena Ruskovaara

f. Ambra ze Zladkova Dvora "Hamppu" Young-very good/1

9/4/2009 Puppies!

Narukerän Coco-Kaneli ”Piku” is pregnant, in ultrasound 4 puppies.

8/29-30/2009 Rovaniemi

n. Narukerän Diiva Donna ”Dido” and Hanna got the first 0 result in agility, placed 1/5

8/23/2009 Heinola Int, judge Cristian Stavarache

f. Narukerän Ehtivä Esteri ”Enni” Jun-Excellent2 BF2 reserv-SERT

8/21/2009 Our famous dogs appear also in Amarican dog magazine Dogfancy.

8/9/2009 Helsinki RN, judge Elina Haapaniemi

f. Ambra ze Zladkova Dvora Young-good

”Hamppu's” fur is in poor condition at the moment and her behaviour in ring wasn't that excellent either. 

8/9/2009 Turku RN, judge Zorica Salijevic, Sweden

f. Narukerän Elegantti-Elli JUN-excellent, PN2, reserv sert

8/8/2009 Mustiala, 35th anniversary show of the Hungarian Herding dog Association

Whites, judge Imre Géczi

m. Loncsosi-Bator Ördög Open-Excellent1, PU1, SERT, BOS


Blacks, judge Péter Hudák

m. Szilasligeti Maros Open-excellent1

m. Loncsosi-Bator Maszkos VAL-Excellent1, BOB, BIS III

f. Ambra ze Zladkova Dvora youngs-Excellent2

f. Narukerän Coco-Kaneli VAL-Excellent2, PN3

n. Narukerän Afro Afrodite VET-ERI1, BOB-VET, PN1, BOS, BIS-VET


Great show! 

It was bit hard to keep two young males at our home before the show because they wanted to test who is the toughest one. But at the end everything went fine and these minor problems were worth of the result. We weren't quite sure if Afro will attend because she was quite sick in the spring - but she did and with great results.

Rest of the results can be found from the website of Hungarian Herding Dogs Association. 

On Saturdays dinner judges told theit views on Hungarian dogs - and later in the evening also about the local beer...

On Sunday there was a breeding inspection. Both judges showed that they really know these dogs and also handled them suberbly.

8/8/2009 Kauhajoki RN, judge Kristina Purens, Sweden

Whites: f. Szép-Apáti Illem Young-good

Blacks: m. Narukerän Dynamiitti-Dani VAL-Excellent, BOB

6/7/2009 Helsinki, judge Bo Skalin, Sweden


m. Loncsosi-Bator Ördög Open-Excellent1

Judge said that he is perfect but had minor problems with showing in ring.


m. Szilasligeti Maros Open-good

And Maros was girlish...? He is a stud, really.

7/25/2009 Mikkeli Int, judge Marianne Holm, Sweden


m. Szilasligeti Maros Open-very good1

f. Narukerän Ehtivä Esteri JUN-very good1


m. Loncsosi-Bator Ördög Open-excellent1, PU1, SERT, CACIB, BOB

7/18/2009 Lammi RN, judge Lena Danker, Finland

m. Narukerän Erihyvä Erno JUN-very good

m. Narukerän Dirty Harry VAL-Excellent, BOB

8/5/2009 Films about herding event at Vehmersalmi

Nesta and Enni

Ralli 1 & Ralli 2 

6/30/2009 Valpuri moved to her new home  

Valpuri moved to her new home (but she stays in our possession). It is interesting to see what her character will be as a only puppy. At the moment she seems to have a lot of good features regarding both character and structure.


6/27/2009 Hämeenlinna, judge Harto Stockmari (2)

m. Narukerän Erihyvä Erno JUN-very good-1

m. Narukerän Dirty Harry Open-Excellent-1, SERT, BOB, FIN MVA!


6/10/2009 Puppy news

Confettie’s Karo To Narukerä was checked with ultrasound - and unfortunately she isn't pregnant. We'll have to think what to do now. There will be more information on puppies page soon.

Loncsosi Bator Maszkos ”Masi” and Amy will probably have puppies late this summer. 

Valpuri was inspected by vet and everything was OK. 


6/6/2009 Salo KR, judge Igor Selimovic, Croatia (2)

m.Tincses-Kincsem Fontos JUN very good JUK 1

f.Narukerän Coco-Kaneli VAL exellent VAK 1 BOB

6/7/2009 Tallinn, Estonian Winner 2009, judge: Maret Kärdi, Estonia (6)

f. Terrun Figarbo 'Klaara' (Carlo's daughter) JUN Excellent1 PN1 VSP EEV-09 EEJV-09

5/25/2009 Health inspection 

Kia, Komisz and Kusztor: eyes are healthy with them all 

Narukerän Dirty Harry ”Harri”, eyes healthy, hips A/A

Narukerän Diiva Donna ”Dido”, eyes healthy, hips A/A 

Ambra ze Zladkova Dvora ”Hamppu”, eyes healthy, hips B/A

also Csikasz Dongo ”Dongo” was there, eyes healthy, hips B/B

These are preliminary results, final come from the Kennel Club but great results anyhow!

5/24/2009 Rauma KN judge Gabriela Ridarcikova, Slovakia (1)

f. Narukerän Elegantti Elli JUN-excellent, SERT, BOB

5/23/2009 Helsinki Aptus Int, judge Chantal Mery, France

Whites (4)

u. Loncsosi-Bator Ördog Open-Excellent, PU2, RESERV-SERT, CACIB

Blacks (4)

m. Narukerän Erihyvä Erno JUN-Excellent, PU2, SERT (left picture)

f. Narukerän Diiva Donna NUO-Excellent, PN2, CACIB (right picture)

5/21/2009 Rovaniemi group, judge Leni Finne (3)

m. Alfons (Betruska's son) VAL-Excellent, PU1, BOB (ipicture below)

f. Narukerän Diiva Donna NUO-very good


5/16-17/2009 Rovaniemi, Agility race

Narukerän Diiva Donna was the first Narukerä dog to start agility career. Class was Medi1. On Saturday result wasn't good (disqualified) but on Sunday result was 20,63. That's a nice start!

05/18/2009 Jasmin 13 years!

The world's finest puli Jasmin has reached respectable age of 13 years.

Valpuri two weeks

Valpuri is now two weeks, weight has climbed to 800 g. Eyes have opened and she is eagerly taking steps to follow mother. She looks quite much like her mother. Fortunately Kicsi's scar from the cesarian operation has healed fine.


05/16/2009 Varkaus RN judge Carsten Birk, Denmark (2)

Females: Aniuka ze Sladkova Dvora ”Hippa” JUN Excellent-1, PN-1, SERT, BOB

Narukerän Ehtivä Esteri ”Enni” JUN Very Good-2

05/16/2009 Cseri-Subás Ercsi, ”Lyyli”

Lyyli moved to Pori to her new family. Brisk little puli although looks like a furry toy.  

05/12/2009 Afro's surgery

Afro was x-rayed for possible metastasis. Luckily there wasn't any so she was operated. Some mammary glands were removed to make sure all cancer cells are eliminated. The cut is really long from middle of her chest to hind legs. She doesn't like to keep gauze bandage and there is still a risk of infection. Her temperature rose once to over 40°C but it seems to be OK now. Intention takes, however, quite some time and Afro's patience is in test.

05/8 -11/2009 Trip to Hungary

We had a breeder weekend in Budapest. It was really warm (35°C). We visited market hall, the zoo, Széchenyi bath with men body builder men although some of them had built only the midsection... In Agriculture Museum there was puli's skull and bones.

On Sunday there was Hungária Puli Klub's Special Show in Gödöllö, 30 kilometers from Budapest. We took first a wrong train but ended finally to the right place. There were over 50 pulis in the show and many breeders we have acuinted with. István Menyhárt brought a white puli girl from Cseri-Subás kennel. Her name is Cseri-Subás Ercsin, a.k.a Lyyli (pictures above). 

Valpuri born

Kicsi gave birth to one pretty girl puppy during the May Day holidays. The puppy weighted slightly over 300 g. Cesarean section was needed because the birth giving lasted altogether over two days. Mother and child are healthy and everything is going now just great.  


Karo seeded on the 4th of May, puppies expecyed on week 28

Karo wanted to handle mating with Kara by being on top, unfortunately it is not a good choice if a dog wants to get pregnant. So the vet had to help a little. 

Left image: Try to find out what is going on here... Right: Kara

4/25/2009 Lahti International Show, judge Eva Liljekvist-Borg, Sweden,

Whites (3)

m. Loncsosi- Bator Ördög ”Ossi” Open/Very Good

f. Szep-Apati Illem ”Elli” Jun/Very Good

Blacks (10)

m. Tincses-Kincsem Fontos ”Benji” Jun/Excellent, BM4, reserv-sert

m. Narukerän Dynamiitti Dani Champ/Excellent, BM3

f. Narukerän Coco-Kaneli ”Piku” Champ/Excellent-2, BF2

From own dogs only whites were in the ring. Ossi's debut was succesful. He only had a different opionion from mine what one should be doing in the ring: getting acquinted with nice girls or performing to the judge... But maybe we'll find an agreement on this. Elli was pretty and looked what a puli at that age should - judge said the same. For a little girl she is quite spry in keeping boys in a proper distance.  


April: Karo visiting us while her heat expected to start...

But it didn't. Check her breeding plans from Puppies page.


4/15/2009 Kicsi again in ultrasound check 

This time it was sure that she is pregnant but there is only one puppy coming. It is in good condition with proper heart beat.

4/8/2009 Pathologist says Afro has cancer tumor

When Afro's womb was removed a little tumor from her mammary gland was also operated. Pathologist informed us now that there were two different kinds of cancer in that. We'll have to arrange another operation for Afro if metastasis is not found (and if there is, we can't unfortunately do anything).

4.4.2009 Pet-Expon Puppy Show, judge Soile Bister (6 puppies)

m. Narukerän Erihyvä Erno PU1, HP, BOS

f. Narukerän Elegantti Elli ”Nelli” PN1, KP, BOB

f. Narukerän Ehtivä Esteri ”Enni” PN3

Enni was bigger than her sister and she suffered from the noise and concise show area. Erno has a strong character, Nelli was also very brisk. (left Nelli, right Enni and down Erno & Nelli)

3/31/2009 Afro's womb was removed 

Afro got an infection in her womb (she had bloody leak and temperature 40,6°C). We took her immeadiately to vet and they operated her the same day. It could have waited untill the next day when it would have been cheaper but because Afro had babesiosis after show trip too Hungary we didn't take any risks. She has recovered well but had tiny problems with healing of the scar. A little tumor from mammary gland was also removed.  

3/30/2009 Hippa in health check 

Hippa, a.k.a Aniuka ze Sladkova Dvora has healthy eyes and hips (A/A).

3/26/2009 Kicsi in ultrasound chech

Kicsi has only very small litter coming up, probably only one puppy. 

3/21/2009 Pulis at Sello shopping center's pet store 

We had an opportunity to give people information about Hungarian breeds and especially puli in the big mall in Espoo. There were a lot of curious people and everyone said this was just great. Granny Jasmin (pictures on left) loves to be caressed by strangers too; she was quite tired after several hours of being nice to all those new friends. Kicsi on the other hand couldn't care less. Obe tried to find some peace and quiet too (picture on right).


12th -16th March 2009 in VILNIUS, 2 SHOWS AND CACIBS TO 3 DOGS!

We have now our first INT/C.I.B dogs - and three at the same time. Unfortunately there are no photos from the show; lightning conditions were so poor that they would have been too dark anyway.

3/14/2009 LITHUANIAN WINNER, Judge: Laszlo Istvan (3)




3/15/2009 VILNIUS CUP, Judge: Beata Petkevica (3)




3/14/2009 TAMPERE International show, Judge: András Koróz, Hungary (11 blacks, 4 whites)


m. Narukerän Erihyvä Erno 1 KP, BOB puppie

m. Narukerän Dirty Harry NUO ERI-2, PU4, reserve sert

f. Terrun Figarbo, ”Klaara” JUN ERI-1, PN-1, SERT VSP (Carlo's girl)

f. Ambra Ze Sladkova Dvora, ”Hamppu” JUN ERI-3, PN-4

Whites: f. Szep Apati Illem, ”Elli” JUN EH-1

Carlo's girl Klaara succeeded in her first show really well.

2/15/2009 Komisz's puppies 

Komisz got 3 girls and 1 boy at kennel Mångsta in Sweden. They are all white. Mother is Mångsta`s Jippie Czindradotter (hips B, eyes ok).

 image: Kennel Mångsta

1/24/2009 Turku INT, judge Ove Gerdmundsson Sweden (blacks 8)

m.Bakahazi-Pengö Pufi AVO/very good

m. Szilasligeti Maros "Mauri" AVO-Excellent,PU-2, SERT, RESERV-CACIB (changes into CACIB)

m.Loncsosi-Bator Ördög (not present)


Granny has recovered fine from her surgery within a week. She isn't quite yet her normal self - or her head is but the body is still a bit tired. We haven't taken her to long walks since the surgery but she is among others if the route is just a couple of kilometers.

1/19/2009 Jasmin in surgery due to pyometra

Jasmin had a long heat period which ended to an infection in her womb, pyometra. This hysteropathy would have been fatal without an operation where her womb and ovary were removed. She wasn't feeling sick until yeasterday but the infection has probably been developing there since her heat which ended only couple of weeks ago. She had a hypermenorrhea and it changed during the weekend as really heavy. Normally pyometra starts several weeks (3-8 but most often 7-8 weeks) from heat, so it wasn't typical. She for example had no fever at all. Anyway, she is now OK and the operation went fine. Hope her condition remains good!

1/19/2009 PULI association founded

On 13th of December we founded a new association for puli people. Check the website (under construction and it will be only in Finnish).


1/18/2009 Lahti, judge Johan Juslin (8)


m. Tincses-Kincsem Fontos "Benji" Puppy class-2 (kennel Wailers)


m. Szilasligeti Maros "Mauri" AVO-Good

f. Ambra de Sladkova Dvora "Hamppu" JUN-Excellent, BF2, SERT! (in pictures below)

f. Narukerän Coco-Kaneli "Piku" CH-excellent, BF1, BOB



News 2008


12/13 - 14/2008 Komisz having a visit from a Swedish girl 

Mångsta's Jippie Czindradotter, ”Jippie”, came to meet Komisz for some fun and he knew how to do it. White puppies expedted to kennel Mångsta.


12/13/2008 Winner 2008 show, Helsinki

Judge: Gunnel Holm

Judge's scale was quite exceptional; she gave poor scores to even quite good but young dogs. She didn't give serti to anyone and only two Winner titles were given. 

JUN/H Narukerän Dirty Harry ”Harri”

n. JUN/EH-1 Ambra ze Sladkova Dvora ”Hamppu”

n. JUN/H Narukerän Diiva-Donna ”Dido

n. JUN/T Aniuka ze Slakova Dvora ”Hippu” (kennel Abigarrado),

n. VET/EH Narukerän Afro Afrodite

12/10/2008 Puppies to Terrun kennel

”Luuttu” FIN MVA ESTJV-06 Immerzu Vivacious FIN13657/06 (from Canada) gave birth to 6 puppies: 2 urosta, 4 narttua.

One girl is maszkos fako, all others are black.

Father is ”Mauri” Szilasligeti Maros FIN20862/08 (imported from Hungary by us).

Pedigreegmail.com  of the litter in KoiraNetissä

Information: Anna-Kaisa Varis, Kennel Terrun, Karjaa, puh. +358 45-1103 754, akvaris(at)gmail.com


11/17/2008 Puppies expected

”Luuttu” FIN MVA ESTJV-06 Immerzu Vivacious FIN13657/06 (imported from Canada) pregnancy is now certain. Father is ”Mauri” Szilasligeti Maros FIN20862/08 (imported from Hungary). Puppies are expected to born on 13th of December 2008.

Information: Anna-Kaisa Varis, Kennel Terrun, Karjaa, tel. +358 45 1103 754



10/21 - 11/17/2008 Jasmin granny sick 

Jasmin had urgent need for frequent visits out and it seemed that she had some pain while peeing. She also had some blood in her urine. She didn't however have any fever - we had just celebrated Afro's recovery from babesiosis so we were quite worried. The next day we went to see a vet who discovered a tumor in her bladder, and also some changes in her womb and several smaller tumors in her mammary glands. The acute reason for Jasmin's poor condition was however an infection in her urinary tract.
She ate antibiotics for two weeks and we went to see the vet again. Now the result of ultrasonic scanning was a surprise: the tumor in the bladder had almost disappeared. The vet said that cancer tumors don't just disappear by themselves so propably she had just a long term infection which had caused changes in cells down there. Now she is having another antibiotics prespriction. We have to consider whether we want to make an operation on her to remove the womb. It could help in preventing the growth of hormon depending tumors but it isn't sure if it really had any real effect. She is almost 13 years now and we just have to accept that she will have increasing health problems. She is now eating also pain killers and you coudn't say that she has anything wrong at all. Granny is still going strong despite of all! 


10/31/2008 Videos in Youtube

Click the text "watch in high quality" just below screen for improved picture quality.

White pulis in Budapest-08 EW ring

In national costume Zsusza Bator, breeder Masi and Ossi.  

Csikasz Dongo and Elli having a date

Elli visited Dongo, a boy from Hungary who arrived to Finland in the summer.

10/19/2008 Hämeenlinna group show Judge Jahn Stääv, Sweden (1)

Narukerän Dirty Harry JUN/Excellent, SERT, BOB

10/14 - 19/2008 Afro seriously ill 

Tuesday evening, a week after coming back from Budapest show, Afro started to feel bad. She lumpered the normal evening walk but tail down and several meters behind from others. On the next morning she was already really sick: temperature was over 41°C. Nearest vets didn't want to give us a time because symptoms sounded too serious. So we went to pet clinic at the University.  

They took some blood test - results were quite normal - and a urine test which showed huge amount of bilirubine, residues of broken blood cells. The urine almost looked like pure blood. They took almost all possible tests including ultra and x-ray in order to rule out other possible causes. Afro received a prescription for Doximed and we went back home.

On Thursday Afro was still really in poor shape - she hadn't eaten since Tuesday and was exhausted even while sleeping. Temperature was about 40°C. Finally we got the results: there was a babesiosis infection. It destroys blood cells and is spread by a tick carrying the certain protozoan. After the trip we had found one tick lying on a carpet. Of course it was immediately flushed down the toilet. Afterwards thinking we should have saved it for an analysis.

The diseases is spread only by a tick bite, not from a dog to another. Afro got Imodocarb injection against the disease and also Litalgin to put the heat down. We had to give Afro food into her mouth by force because it wouldn't eat - we continued that for three days. Fortunately the mecine seems to have an effect. Afro is now feeling quite normal but there is still a threat that the disease has had concequencies on the resistance to other illnessess. We have information that also several other dogs got the same disease from Budapest.

10/11/2008 in UPK Open Show with Ossi

Roxy, thanks for photos!

30th September - 8th October 2008 Hungary EUW-08 + HPK's special show 

Afro, Dido and Masi travelled along with me to Hungary trough via Baltica to Budapest. In Budapest we stayed at Best Western Art hotel which has a nice location in the city center. The traffic of Budapest was really jammed so it wasn't, however, easy to move to HUNGEXPO. It meant very very early wake ups in the morning. The weather was rainy and cold on Saturday when the show ring was outside, and sunny on Sunday, when we were inside.

On Saturday's special show the judge for bitches was Mihály Mészáros. Dido got JUN K (excellent). Afro was VET K3, the last in the class. The winner was Kicsi's mother Kurjans Dombi Csinos.

Péter Hudák judged the dogs. Masi was K1 (excellent and class win), and received a CAC. All the breeders from whom we have bought dogs were there, and of course with excellent dogs! Because the males and females are same time in the ring - poor system in my opinion - I wasn't able to take any photos.

On Sunday the judge for bitches was Katalin Szabóne Iványi. Dido got again K but not any commentary. Afro was the only one in her class so she won and received the EUVetW-08 title. BOB Vet was male Hamzabegi Cimboram Bago, which was also the BOB of all show.

Mihály Mészáros judged the dogs. He regarded Masi as excellent - Masi received K1, and another CAC. So he is now HUCH! Masi's breeder Zsusza helped with handling Masi while Afro was in the other ring at the same time. Thanks, Zsusza! I have to say that Afro, Dido and Masi behaved really nicely all the time during the whole trip. We are really proud that they are so great dogs.

On the left Masi ang right Afro



9/28 - 29/2008 Puppies moved to their new families 

Erno, Elmo (a.k.a Sisu), Esteri (a.k.a.Enni), Elvira (a.k.a Csoki) moved to their new owners. 

Best of luck to all! 

Elli is still looking for an active and loving home.

9/20/2008 Hyvinkää group show judge Louise Gävert-Asplund, Sweden (1)

Narukerän Dirty Harry JUN/Excellent-1, SERT, BOB


8/30-31/2008 Quick visit to Hungary

We fetched together with Luna Ruusula (kennel Wailers) couple of future hopes from Hungary. We spent a night in Nemesapát and got acquinted with Szép Apáti kennel's dogs. I brought a white girl puppie Szép Apáti Illem (a.k.a. Elli), 4 months, and Luna a black boy puppie Tincses-Kincsem Fontos, 2,5 months, (a.k.a. Benji).


Elli is now living with Narukerän Dynamiitti Danin in Sari's loving care. Elli will be seen in shows and because she is supposed to be a bride to one of our white boys we hope to see white puppies in the future. Elli has a wonderful character: open and energetic.


08/24/2008 Valkeakoski, judge Harri Tast Suomi (13)


Narukerän Dirty Harry JUN/EH-2

Szilasligeti Maros AVO/EH-1

Narukerän Dynamiitti Dani VAL/H

Loncsosi Bator Maszkos VAL/ERI-3, PU4


Narukerän Diiva Donna JUN/EH-1

08/23/2008 Hämeenlinna Int, judge Tamas Jakkel Unkari (12)


Narukerän Dirty Harry JUN/ERI-2, PU4, vara-sert

Narukerän Carlo Casanova AVO/EH-2

Narukerän Dio Diabolo AVO/EH-1

Loncsosi Bator Maszkos VAL/ERI-3


Narukerän Diiva Donna JUN/ERI-1, PN3, SERT

Narukerän Afro Afrodite VET/ERI-1, ROP-vet, PN2

Breeders: Kennel Narukerän KAS/2-KP


So a nice sunny show weekend went quite well. On Saturday the owners of Dio and Carlo couldn't be personally in the show so boys followed me. It wasn't easy for Hanna and Netta to handle them but finally everything went fine. Thanks! On Sunday Dani was behind from Mauri which is a real man in all respects so the result wasn't too good for Dani. 

08/09/2008 Narukerä's E litter born!

2 boys and 3 girls, all black

2 girls available 

09.08.2008 Nokia (1) (judge ?)

Narukerän Dynamiitti Dani AVO/ERI, PU1, SERT, ROP, FIN MVA

Gongratulations Sari and Dani!

09.08.2008 Tornio KV (judge ?)

Alfons (Son of Jasmin's dauhgter) AVO/ERI, PU1, SERT, CACIB, ROP, FIN MVA

Gongratulations Teija, Heikki and Allu!

09.08.2008 Unkarinpaimenkoirat ry:n Special Show Hyvinkää (11 kpl), judge Lidija Oklescen


Ambra ze Sládkova Dvora (Hamppu) PEK 2 KP

Aniuka ze Sládkova Dvora (Hippa) PEK 1 KP, BIS-puppie


Picture: Hamppu (Ambra) and Heikki, and sister Hippa (Aniuka) j& Juuli


Narukerän Dirty Harry JUN/ERI-2, PU4, VARA-SERT


Bakaházi-Pengö Pufi NUO/ERI-1

  Pufi & Anu


Confettie’s Karo To Narukerä AVO/EH-1

  Karo with Luna

Narukerän Afro Afrodite VET/EH-1

Judgements were otherwise well done and judge better than many scared beforehand but Afro's measurement was a strange failure. Judge used old fashioned measurement instrument used for height measurement but she used it for lenghth. She put it on Afro's thick coat, not under it so she received the measurement added with the thickness of her fur: "too much long in body”. Karo's measurement didn't deviate much from the truth because she has so much less hair - and she is a bit long. 


7/12-13/2008 Trying herding in Vehmersalmi

Dani, Nesta, Mauri, Obe, Kia, Kicsi and Hamppu (Ambra) were testing how they manage herding real sheep. Only Kicsi wasn't intrested in those sheep at all, all the others had strong insticts for herding. We will put some pictures from the session later.

7/3- 6/2008 World Winner Show in Sweden  

Participating group was smaller than originally planned, only 6 persons. We had nice cottages at Malmköping camping area. It was warm diring the whole trip, almost 30 degrees. The show was well organized and there were lots of great looking pulis in ring.  

It was nice to see so many acquintances and dogs from so many breeders. Especially it was nice to see relatives of our own dogs and their breeders. Veterans, ladies Fenya von Dishers Hoff and Åkerby Aura Popularis were in good condition. Fenya got the veteran title too. Confettie's Keesie (Komisz's daughter and Karo's sister), took the WW title of bitches, and she was the BOB of whites in Saturdays Psecial show. Leif Ragnar Hjort, experienced puli judge and breeder, had dogs measured and so showed an example for less experienced judges.

FUR Special show was on Saturday at Almare Stäket. I had an allergic reaction from the horse polo field. It was the first time I had red eyes in the evening, not in the morning at a cruising ship from Stokholm to Finland...

Masi and Piku got good reviews on both days, only the company was really tough! German judge Habig said Masi is ”Super mover” (I was the handler!) and had a ”Perfect condition”. Dani was behind from Masi so it wasn't easy for him. But what can you do, there is alphabetical order. Blackie was honestly looking kind a sad in the ring - later the reason was found. Masi started to be too interested in her behind...  

Picture: Piku (on the left) and Keesie

FUR 7/4/2008 World Winner 2008, judge Leif Ragnar Hjort, Norway (54 black and other colour pulis)

m. Loncsosi-Bator Maszkos AVO/ERI

m. Narukerän Dynamiitti Dani AVO/EH

m. Wailers Black Rose JUN/H

b. Narukerän Coco Kaneli AVO/ERI

7/5/2008 FUR Special Show, tuomari Christopher Habig, Germany (37 black and other colour pulis)

m. Loncsosi-Bator Maszkos AVO/ERI-3

b. Wailers Black Rose JUN/EH-3

b. Narukerän Coco Kaneli AVO/ERI-3 

Links to WW results, pulis: blacks and whites.


Piku has at least 4 babies coming says the vet!


29.6.2008 Järvenpää SHOW, JUDGE Marja Talvitie (3)

m. Narukerän Dirty Harry JUN/EH-1

m. Narukerän Dio Diobolo EVA (moving with three legs…)

b. Kia Knäul von Dishers Hoff AVO/ERI, SERT, MVA, ROP

Fortunately Kia took the titles. She had a handler on both days and was showed really beautifully. Gongratulations for her new title, FIN MVA!

28.6.2008 Järvenpää show

m. Bakahazi-Pengö Pufi JUN/EH

m. Szilasligeti Maros JUN/ERI, SERT, VSP

b. Confettie’s Karo To Narukerä AVO/EH

b. Kia Knäuel von Dishers Hoff AVO/ERI, SERT, ROP

21.6.2008 Rovaniemen International Show, Benny Blid von Schedvin, Sweden 

m. Alfons AVO/ERI-1, SERT


b. Narukerän Diiva Donna JUN/ERI-3

Amy is now FIN MVA, gongratulations!

29.6.2008 SUMU's character test, Karkkila (Piiroinen/Ojala-Laine)

Loncsosi-Bator Maszkos -1+1+3-1+1+2+1+2b = 82 p shoot reliable 

Confettie's Karo To Narukerä -2+1+1+2+1+1+1+3 = 95 p shoot reliable 

Loncsosi-Bator Ördög interrupted, reason being too reserved towards strangers

06/15/2008 Forssa INT, judge Kari Järvinen (2)


Szilasligeti Maros JUN/VG (on the left side)

Narukerän Dynamiitti-Dani YOUNG/G


06/14/2008 Roturace running happening in Hyvinkää

Pulis had two teams taking part: ReggeaBand (Kintsö, Affiina, Nesta and Karo), time 17,55.

Puliukot {"bunch of bums"} (Obe, Komi, Mauri and Blackie though she is a lady), time over 20.

There were some very peculiar running times. Puliukot (boys) run very well and still got poor times.
There has to happend something in track which caused wrong times - people made something wrong.
Next year we try to have some time to train for this competition.

Old Komisz made excellent time helped by his family. 


6/13/2008 Narukerän Dio Diobolo OFFICIAL HD results A/A!

6/7/2008 Kemi group Show, judge Lena Danker



Narukerän Diiva Donna JUN/EXC, BF-2, reserv-SERT


5/24-25/ 2008 Article about our old lady Jasmin In Ilta-Sanomat

Article (link to web page of Ilta-Sanomat), was published in the biggest tabloid in Finland. Pictures are nice although in text Jasmin seems to be silly which she certainly isn't. Anyway good publicity for pulis because people don't know the breed.

5/24/2008 Aptus INT Show, Helsinki , judge István Csik, Hungary (7)


Narukerän Dirty Harry JUN/EXC-2, BM4

Szilasligeti Maros JUN/EXC -3

Narukerän Dio Diabolo JUN/VG

Loncsosi-Bator Maszkos CH/EXC-2, BM3


Wailers Black Rose YOUNG/EXC-1, SERT, CACIB, BOS

5/24/2008 Sister of Ambra named Anyuka to Finland!

More information from Kennel Abigarrados webpage.

5/19-23/2008 Komisz with us

  Komisz with 6 black puli ladies

5/17-19/2008 Checked Pufis coat

Young man spent a weekend with us and had some coat care sessions. Pufi with a toy


05/18/2008 Jasmin celebrated her 12th birthday!

Our first puli, grandmother Jasmin, the creator of our enthuasism to pulis celebrated her birthday!

It was planned that her interview would be published on Saturday in Ilta-Sanomat a day before the big day, but for some reason it was delayed.  Anyhow, it is coming up in the near future in. Ilta-Sanomat has the biggest circulation from tabloids and it is the second biggest newspaper in Finland overall.



05/04/2008 Himos, MH-test

Wailers Black Rose was the first Finnish puli to participate in MH-test, a Swedish version of character test. She was so cool that even a ghost didn't cause much of a reaction, just announcing to Luna that there is something strange. Well, they live in a neigbourhood where Blackie has got used to all sorts of weird people. 

3.5.2008 Ambra moved to a new home

Our little imported Check lady Ambra moved to her new home in Lahti. In the picture she is still with us and lying in hammock.



04/26/2008 Lahti Int, judge Erin Brown Australia (8)


Narukerän Dynamiitti Dani NUO/EH

Narukerän Carlo Casanova AVO/ERI, PU2, SERT, VA-CA (will change to CACIB)


Narukerän Coco-Kaneli VAL/ERI, PN2, VA-CA

04/24/2008 Dog day

We gave our contribution to genetics study led by Hannes Lohi. Now they have the DNA of five more pulis (some have given their DNA already) in order to investigate their genetics, especially possible hereditary health problems. 

Luna, Nina and dogs.

04/19/2008 Jyväskylä INT, judge Ralf Campbell, Norway

u. Narukerän Dirty Harry JUN H

n. Narukerän Diiva Donna JUN EH-3

Both received quite flattering written commentary despite their slightly modest results. 


03/15/2008 Tampere INT, judge Alain Pecoult, France (12)


Loncsósi-Bator Maszkos ”Masi” CH/EXC, BM2, reserv-CACIB (will change to CACIB)

Szilasligeti Maros ”Mauri” JUN/EXC, BM4, SERT

Narukerän Dynamiitti-Dani YOUNG/EXC, reserv-SERT


Ludas Matyi Kontyos ”Kicsi” OPEN/EXC, BF1, SERT, CACIB, BOS and FIN CH today!

Narukerän Coco-Kaneli ”Piku” CH/EXC, BF3

Sorry, no photos...I forgot my camera at home.



We won’t have litter this spring, because female Karo (Confettie’s Karo To Narukerä) was so young that she only played with male Ivor (Rosenhjorth’s Black Ivory). But we are going to try this pair again, they look a very suitable pair! We are planning a litter for either Kicsi (Ludas Matyi Kontyos) or Piku (Narukerän Coco-Kaneli) this summer. We will choose their boyfriends after some healthy tests are made to young candidates. If you are interested, you can ask more by email: heidi.valo(at)puli.fi

3/11/2008 Laila and Confettie’s girlie made a visit 


Shy and pretty Confettie’s Pahska 


Piku visiting 

Piku (NK Coco-Kaneli) was in our care while her owners took a trip to sunny beaches. 



Karo was visiting Ivor. Unfortunately they coudn't do it - Karo was more on top and when Karo would have been more accepting, Ivor wasn't and vice versa. So there is not a spring litter to look forward to.

If Kicsi (Ludas Matyi Kontyos) will have her heat in suitable time, we'll try with her.

1/20/2008 Lahti, judge Saija Juutilainen (6)

Dogs: Bakahazi-Pengö Pufi YOUNG/VG


Confettie's Karo To Narukerä OPEN/VG

Narukerän Coco-Kaneli CH/EXC BF-2

1/27/2008 Turku International, judge Tomas Rohlin, Denmark

Dogs: Szilasligeti Maros YOUNG/VG Female: Ludas Matyi Kontyos OPEN/VG

1/11/2008 Dani's hips

Narukerän Dynamiitti Dani was x-rayed. Unfortunately his hips were rated as D/D.


Gentleman, our model and calendar man Komisz was in our care due to a trip. He was tempted by Kicsi's heat but we said know. So he was allowed to comfort himself in bed.



NEWS 2007 - 2006 (Worth browsing, lots of good pictures!)