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Pulikennel Narukerän was established in 1999. Deep love with this magnificent Hungarian breed with its corded coat was the basic reason to start breeding pulis. Our goal is to maintain and improve the puli population in Finland.

The first litter of the kennel was born in 2000, the second in 2002. Since 2005 there has been a litter born every year - altogether there are now nine Narukerä litters with 41 puppies. In order to give them the best possible start for life there is only one or two litters per year and they are born in summer.

In addition to own litters I have imported altogether thirteen pulis: seven bitches and six dogs. Two of them are from Sweden, three from Germany and seven from Hungary and from Tsech republic. Twelve of them have been puppies; seven blacks, one maszkos fako and three whites. The only adult dog is a so called rescue dog, a white one. Also in the future I will try to import new blood among pulis in Finland.   

If you have anything at all to ask about pulis, don't hesitate to contact me. All messages are welcome whether you are just planning to getting yourself a puli or if you already own one. I keep contact with many European breeders, also with some from others parts of the globe. All puli lovers, let's keep in touch! 

And remember what the Hungarians say: Ez nem kutya, ez puli! – "It is not a dog, it is a puli!".